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◎ 政 治 ◎ チベット人弾圧に関する決議案(英語仮訳)

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4th April 2012

Proposed Resolution on the Oppression of the Tibetan People

from Concerned Members of the Japanese Diet


Lobsang Sangay shusho kara Tibet no jitsujo wo kiku yushi giin no kai



A relationship between Japan and China in a genuine spirit of friendship should be built with not only the Chinese government but also the Chinese people. Therefore, the concerned members of the Japanese Diet gathered here today, aiming at the establishment of a genuinely friendly relationship between Japan and China and the respect of the human rights and dignity of all Chinese people, unanimously resolve as follows.


1.We express our deep concern that, since March 2011, many Tibetans have committed suicide by self-immolation in protest. Therefore, we ask the Chinese government to comprehensively investigate the human rights problems in the regions where Tibetans live which led to these protest suicides by self-immolation, such as limitations of fundamental freedoms, punitive security measures against Buddhist monasteries, and compulsory “patriotic education”. Further, we ask the Chinese government to fundamentally revise its policy to resolve these problems.


2.We ask the Chinese government to release information on the situation, including the location, of monks and ordinary Tibetans taken away from sites of self-immolation protests, whether alive or dead, and other detained monks. We also ask it to make the grounds of the detentions public.


3.Since the general uprising in Tibet in 2008, the access of journalists and foreigners to the regions where Tibetans live has been severely restricted, and Tibetans deemed to have criticized the Chinese government’s political, religious, cultural or economic policies have been excessively punished. We protest at the continuation of these harsh measures, and ask the Chinese government to allow free movement, expression, and reporting in the regions where Tibetans live.


4.We request the Chinese government to reopen direct and genuine dialogue with the Tibetan government-in-exile at the earliest opportunity.


5.We strongly urge the Chinese government to admit the United Nation special rapporteur on religious freedom, and to stop infringing human rights immediately.


The restrictions on the rights of Tibetans over many years are the cause of the protest suicides by self-immolation. The Chinese government should carefully listen to the protests of the Tibetans and fundamentally revise its policies. We believe that a China where the rights of Tibetans are respected in a genuine “harmonious society” is a China with which Japan can establish a genuine “Mutually Beneficial Relationship Based on Common Strategic Interests”.
























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