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◎ 政 治 ◎ スパコン京(ブログ英語訳blog post english version)

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 なお、私はさびついたへたくそな英語を少しでも向上すべく、日本語がきわめて堪能な英国紳士の米語ならぬ英語(Queen’s English)のレッスンを受けている。それは、世界中から誤解されている日本の真の姿やイメージを訂正し、世界に向けて堂々と日本及び故郷を発信したいからである。

 At the administration oversight subcommittee of the committee on audit and oversight of administration, project screening, which investigates the waste of funds, was held on the 16th.
 This screening is the Diet edition of the DPJ’s infamous “why can’t our supercomputers be number two?” At that meeting, with perfect timing, the development and construction costs of the next-generation supercomputer K, which was developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, were discussed. You might think that now the supercomputer has become number one in the world, the developers of K would get a double bonus and the budget for development and construction would be quadrupled, but the whole committee agreed on a budget cut.
 When did Japan become a society where effort is not rewarded? If so, isn’t this socialism? No, that insults socialism. In the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, and other socialist countries, didn’t you receive enough money for the rest of your life if you won a medal in the Olympic games? (I don’t know whether it is still true.)
  The Japanese developers of the world-beating K probably didn’t want to hear that, particularly from Japanese lawmakers, who at best rank 100 or so out of 200 nations. For example, Yasuo Ichikawa, despite being a serving minister, attended a fund-raising party for a DPJ lawmaker and said with pride that it was more important than the Imperial reception for the King of Bhutan. How does his common sense rank on an international scale?
 Admittedly, the number of Japanese lawmakers is not high by global standards. If the Japanese Diet were in the global top 10 by ability and gave their all to defend the national interest and the people, then I think these would be no need to cut the number of Diet members. Alas, as things are now, aren’t Japanese lawmakers a perfect target for screening and cutting waste? What do you think?
 Of course, if I say that, I really have to study and work my hardest to avoid being cut myself.


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